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CleanLog Congress

CleanLog Congress – For many years now, this name has stood for an active exchange of experience between the sectors of food and animal feed, chemicals, logistics and tank cleaning. The event will be held once again in the stunning Hanseatic city of Hamburg. For topical reasons, in this years’ CleanLog Congress, we will focus solely on the topic of Food Safety in the Supply Chain.

The public has been highly preoccupied with the latest food and animal feed scandals over the past few months: Mould, mycotoxins, aflotoxins, nitrofen, dioxin, EHEC bacteria etc. are serious issues that should not be underestimated.

Even if the consumer feels that nothing is happening, this is actually far from the case. This issue has been debated intensely by the industry, associations and organisations. Various working groups have analysed the problem areas and have drawn up solutions.

A range of recommendations and guidelines have been compiled. But where exactly are the differences and what are the similarities? How does this affect the retail and discount sectors? What are the risks for the “brands” and their image? What can the retail and discount sectors do to make sure that gaps in the supply chain are closed?

Fruit juice producer associations in particular have responded rapidly to the growing risks and are calling for the strict implementation of controlled measures in the cleaning food transportation containers. The latest results clearly show how important it is to put in place clear, reproducible and binding quality standards in this industry. For this purpose, we are introducing the new HQF – High Quality Food certification system and the quality seal for cleaning plant which is certified to HQF.

However, all these quality requirements cannot be fulfilled at zero cost. This requires intensive work to guarantee that both the consumer and the industry are ready to invest appropriately for the high standards in logistics and tank cleaning.

You can look forward to an interesting program with industry experts and representatives.

We look forward to meeting you.

Ihr Hans-Dieter Philipowski
– President –


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