ENFIT – Guideline Food

European standards for the legally compliant handling (compliance) of food transportation containers with respect to cleaning, disinfection, seamless traceability of animal feed and allergens and the initial and repeat audit to DIN 10 502-1.

In conjunction with producers, logistics operators, cleaning companies, planners and system builders, ENFIT has drawn up new standards for container cleaning in the food industry.

On 20th September 2007, the ENFIT “Food” working group met for the first time, holding its kick-off meeting in Zwingenberg-Rodau.

The 14 experts from all relevant areas of the food industry, transportation and the cleaning of liquid food containers, agreed that a definition of terms such as clean, pure, sterile, bacteria-free, low bacteria levels, aseptic etc. was urgently required, and that reliable cleaning methods which are aligned with the industry requirements, but also with the possibilities and options available to cleaning systems and transporters.

After only six months, the working group has compiled the Food Guideline for the Cleaning of Tank Interiors of Food Transportation Containers.Consequently for the first time, there is valuable help and instruction for all companies involved in the cleaning of food transportation containers in achieving verifiable purity for the respective container. After cleaning, the HQCC (High Quality Cleaning Certificate©) is issued, which for the first time, using recognised measured values – based on the Drinking Water Ordinance – provides evidence of the purity level of a container.

Click here to download the Food Guideline with a sample HQCC as a pdf file.

Information on the user license:
The issue of the HQCC is free of charge for association members. For non-members, there is a fee of 100 euros/month.

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Guideline Food