HQF-Food: P 20.5

ENFIT has been developing international standards for defined, reproducible and validated cleaning and disinfection processes since 2008. This is the only way to ensure that different cleaning systems deliver consistent and safe quality.

The focus is on consumer protection, food safety and food compliance with high hygienic standards when transporting loose goods in food transport containers. When transporting foodstuffs, the ultimate maxim is to avoid cross-contamination with microorganisms, germs, molds, mycotoxins, prions, allergens, chemical pollutants or foreign substances such as plastic granules, glass, wood.The hygienic cleaning and disinfecting of food transport containers requires that the processes are clearly defined, reproducible and validated. For more information, see ENFIT-GUIDELINE-FOOD.

ENFIT audits and certifies cleaning stations according to the high HQF-High-Quality-Food standards. These cleaning facilities, which are also members of the association, ensure that cleaning and disinfection are carried out according to ENFIT guidelines and standards.

This ensures that, in the cleaning and disinfecting of food containers, all attachments, such as: ventilation lines, loading and unloading lines, lids, flaps, valves, pumps, filters, hoses and couplings, have always been completely cleaned and disinfected . Cleaning stations with one of the ENFIT quality labels: BASIC, HIGH or EXCELLENT-CLEANING-QUALITY guarantee compliance with these guidelines.

All cleaning / disinfecting is carried out exclusively with drinking water, with food-approved cleaning / disinfecting agents and with steam, which is safe for food.

At the end of each cleaning, a quality control is carried out at the critical control points (CPs) by means of the rapid test, CleanCard-PRO or ATP test, and the results are documented. The cleaning and disinfecting processes are regularly validated and, if necessary, adapted accordingly.

Cleaning systems with a valid ENFIT seal of approval confirm the hygienic cleaning/ disinfection with the ENFIT-ICC. “INTERNATIONAL-CLEANING-CERTIFICATE”. In the cleaning certificate, the cleaning and disinfecting processes used are documented with the corresponding CLEANING CODE.

Exceptions: If the cleaning processes are specified directly by the client / customer and these deviate from the ENFIT HQF standards, then the “CLEANING CODE for EUROPEAN STANDARD “PF 10.5 (food)” or “PC 10.2 (chemicals)” is used in the “INTERNATIONAL CLEANING CERTIFICATE“. In this case, only the usual and established European performance parameters apply: “The container is considered clean, if no optical contamination can be detected through the man whole, no smell of the product or smell of a detergent is perceptible”.

Cleaning Code: P 20.5

International Cleaning Certificate

Cleaning Code: P 20.5

Basic Quality Certificate

High Quality Certificate

Excellent Quality Certificate