Association member

Who can become a member?

Natural or legal persons can of course join the association if they are directly or indirectly involved in the cleaning of transportation and storage containers, or with their manufacture, rental, repair and/or reconditioning. This includes inter alia:

  • Cleaning plant for the interior and exterior cleaning of tank and silo vehicles, tank containers, tank cars, containers, IBC, vats, special, storage and industry containers etc.
  • Tank cars at plant for container interior cleaning
  • Inspection agencies, maintenance and repair), reconditioners, transport companies and logistics providers
  • Service companies for: Container management, software development, product identification, marketing and media, engineering and architectural services, process technology, staff training and further training, safety, health, insurers, experts/auditors, consultancy etc.
  • Also companies involved in: Industrial cleaning, container manufacturing, rental, suppliers, plant construction, the chemicals industry, food producers, producers of animal feed, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics etc., building construction and civil engineering and disposal companies.
  • Membership from other European countries is also possible.


Click here to download the membership application form and the Articles of Association as a pdf file

Membership Application

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