Members of the association and members of the European Working Group

In October 2017, ENFIT initiated the European Working Group – Food Safety in the Supply Chain. The center of activities is in Brussels, in the heart of Europe.

The increasing number of costly food recalls has led the supply chain stakeholders to this initiative.

Consumer protection and food safety for retailers, traders and food producers, is in the focus, because the supply chain is by far not as safe as previously assumed.

Representatives of all stakeholders of the supply chain, like food industry, logisticians, cleaning station operators, quality managers, plant building companies, manufacturers of transport containers, producers of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals and certification companies and many others, have taken the initiative to develop a European and International guideline – Food Safety in the supply chain.

In regular work meetings, the critical points in the supply chain are analyzed and measures are taken to reduce the risks. The critical points of the supply chain are:

  • Transport containers, suitable for food, DIN 10 502-1 inspection
  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • previous products and allergens
  • Cleaning and desinfection, Standards for cleaning procedures
  • Food Defense, digital safety seals
  • Traceability

ENFIT thanks all the experts for their input. With the new guideline we are sure to lay the foundation for a worldwide transparent and secure supply chain.