Prerequisites for the recognition of ENFIT container inspection centres for the inspection of foodstuff transport containers to DIN 10502-1

In order to obtain certification as an authorised ENFIT container inspection centre, the following requirements must be fulfilled for recognition and certification:

  • Operating permit as a container manufacturer/service provider/pool operator/ cleaning etc.
  • ISO certification or an alternative recognised QM system
  • Employs at least one trained expert
  • Fulfils the technical requirements for container inspection
  • Satisfies the metrological requirements for container inspection
  • Fulfils the requirements for affixing the ENFIT identification system on inspected containers
  • Member of the ENFIT Association (recommended)
  • Participates in regular qualification measures in the ENFIT Container Inspection Working Group according to DIN 10 502-1
  • Takes part in the regular follow-up audit (every 3 years)

After complete fulfilment of the requirements and a review of the requirements by a company employed to do so by ENFIT, a corresponding is concluded between ENFIT and the inspection centre license-cooperation agreement.

The license agreement regulates inter alia the requirements that must be fulfilled to obtain the ENFIT inspection label and its display, the access authorisations to the “bulkvision” global container management system, the responsibilities, the data confidentiality and protection conditions and the general terms of business.